Is it forbidden to take liquids inside the airplane? I'd like to bring cosmetics on board for tax-free procedure.

화장수 등을 면세 수속을 위해 기내에 가지고 들어가고 싶은데, 액체는 기내 반입이 금지되어 있는 거죠?

化妆水等商品需办理免税手续,所以准备带入机内, 但液体禁止带入机内吧?

購買的化妝水等為了辦免稅手續想直接帶上飛機, 但液體不能帶上飛機怎麼辦?

Liquid products taken inside airplanes must be less than 100ml per item and placed in a transparent 1ℓ vinyl bag with a zipper. Items exceeding this amount cannot be taken on board even if it is a tax-free purchased item, so please put them in your suitcase and check in.