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From May 1st, tax exemption program will be changed.
Total purchase amount for Tax-Free shopping will be more than ¥5,000(excluding tax).




Tax-free Shopping Guide

  • All products will be exempt from 8% consumption tax!

    The higher the total purchase amount the greater the discount. Take advantage of the system.

  • Only for foreign visitors temporarily staying in Japan!

    Only foreign visitors who have temporarily stayed in Japan for less than 6 months since entering Japan.

  • General items will also be exempt if they cost ¥5,000 or more.

    General items will also be exempt if they cost ¥5,000 or more from May 2016 onwards, making shopping even more affordable.

  • Your passport is required for the procedure!

    You must show your passport at the store where you purchased the goods for tax-free procedure.

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