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Japan's Consumption Tax

As of October 1, 2019, the consumption tax rate in Japan is 10%.

Foods and beverages are subject to the reduced tax rate of 8%.

*Alcoholic beverages and restaurant services are excluded from coverage of the reduced tax rate.

*Like restaurant services, the 10% consumption tax is applied when you eat and/or drink at the eating space of suppliers like fast food chains, convenience stores and others. On the other hand, the takeout of foods and/or beverages at those stores is subject to the reduced tax rate of 8%. You will therefore be asked your intention (eating in or taking out) when purchasing your food and/or beverages.

*For foods/beverages sold with other items subject to the standard tax rate of 10%, the reduced tax rate of 8% can be applied when the necessary conditions are met.

Example of Consumption Tax Rates and Applicable Items

Visit the following website for more information about the reduced tax rate.