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Obihiro Shopping Street


Perhaps everyone who has worked and lived in a fast pace city may once have ever dreamt or imagined running on the meadow, breathing the fresh air and tasting the food which bestowed by the great nature without pollution. Obihiro, a cute and pleasant city in Hokkaido can be the ideal spot. It is a place being embraced by the great nature and nurturing high quality of food, but also a place where you can experience the traditional Japanese culture which is distinguished from western ones. Why not embark upon a trip of fabulous local delicacies? Here is one of the spots highly recommended: The Obihiro Shopping Street. 


First, we come to have a taste of the local representative food: The Pork Rice Bowl. Located in the corner of the shopping street, a restaurant called Hageiten has been attracting so many local gourmands with the history dated back to the year of 1934. The original sauce made by the master of the first generation is said to be the secret of enduring. 




Fascinated by Japanese traditional food or snacks? Here is the ideal spot you can find in the shopping street, Ryugetsu has been dedicated to snack making and selling for seventy years. Here, you can not only enjoy a wide variety of Japanese traditional confections, but also find the limited items that you can only buy at this store. Like the Tokachi Dainagon, which is made of selected beans wrapped in the thinly baked dough, perfectly draws the taste of the beans to the maximum. 



Founded in 1950, Masuya is a bakery specializing in nostalgic bread and snacks, and the shop offers free tea for those who need a short rest during travelling. If you’ve already had enough fun at the shopping street, why not come to this local bakery which insists to inhabit the essence of Japanese flavor for more than sixty years. It can be so cozy to have a cup of tea while enjoying the traditional Japanese handmade fluffy bread after the whole day’s sightseeing.  


At the end of the day, bringing some Japanese-made souvenirs home can mark a great ending on this unforgettable trip. Opposite to the shopping street lies the Fujimaru mall where you can not only buy fresh fish and fruits favored by Hokkaido's great land, but also get some Japanese traditional handicrafts as gifts to bring back. Such as Japanese kimono, tea bowl, wooden chopsticks and exquisite handkerchief.


It is worth mentioning that, whether the goodies are bought in the shopping street or in the mall, as long as the store has a tax-free logo, purchases over 5,000 yen (excluding tax) can be accumulated together for tax-free. In most of the duty-free shops, purchases over 5,000 yen (excluding tax) only within the same store can be granted tax-free, so if you come to Obihiro shopping street, please do not miss this opportunity. Duty free counter is located on the first floor of the Fujimaru mall, the left side of the escalator. The telephone interpretation would be helpful and convenient for visitors who do not speak Japanese. 



- Access to Obihiro Hirokouji Shopping Street-

 From Sapporo to Obihiro, you can take trains and estimated travel time will be around 2 hours and half to 3 hours. From nearest Tokachi Obihiro Airport, the nearest airport, to Obihiro downtown, you can take direct buses and estimated travel time will be around 40 minutes. Obihiro Hirokoji Shopping Street is located within 9 minutes’ walk distance from JR Obihiro Station, North exit.


Click here for the official Japanese website for further information.


Obihiro shopping street:   http://www.obihiro-hirokouji.com/

Ryugetsu:              http://www.ryugetsu.co.jp/shop/?c=1

Fujimaru:             http://www.fujimaru.co.jp/information/cn.html