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Oita City Shopping Arcades


Shopping Arcades have everything for everyone! 


Explore the bustling city of Oita where adventure and pleasure are ready to welcome you! Oita City is the capital city of Oita prefecture situated in the north of Kyushu Island. Being a capital city means there are tons of things to do and see and surely has something for everyone. The city center is surrounded by shopping arcades, where you can shop in comfort, no matter if it’s raining or blazing hot. The design of the arcades allow sunlight and breeze to filter through its high roof, assure your comfortable shopping experience. The shops along the winding paved road sell various Japanese well-known goods and services, and ensure your shopping experience will be delightful with wide, clean and safe streets. 




Galleria Take Machi

 Galleria Take Machi is one of the shopping arcades located around the city center of Oita City. The arcade is especially a sight to see with its high, classic ceiling and airy atmosphere. In this particular street, we can find a shop dedicated to introduce Bungo-ono and Usuki, neighboring towns which hold beauty different than any other towns you would ever see. Bungo-ono is blessed with nature; from enchanting cave, dense forest, clean river, a Japanese nature experience worth checking out. Meanwhile, Usuki is famous for its brewery. This is the place where you can taste various kinds of Japanese traditional sake and alcoholic drink. If you feel like you are ready to explore other beauty of Oita however not sure where to go next, it’s worth paying a visit to this neat, little shop.




Tokiwa Department Store 

This is perhaps a store where most Oita citizen feels nostalgic to, simply because most of their shopping experiences, as well as their grandparents shopping experiences, are here. Tokiwa has everything; from luxury goods to Oita authentic food. What is most important: it also has tax-free counter! A good news for us to buy souvenirs for our loved ones back home without worrying about tax while still getting high-quality products. In addition, you could also feel the comfortable ambience of where citizens of Oita shop for decades!

The access way to Tokiwa head department store is you may get off at JR Nippouhon Line Ooita station , and then walk around 7min from Funai Cyuoukuchi (north side).




Oita delicacies

 If you find yourself in need of something good to fill in your hungry stomach after a day of shopping around Oita, no need to look far! Just a few hundred metres from the entrance of Tokiwa, you can find a street where Japanese authentic restaurants are ready to provide you their specialties. Yakisoba, karaage and dango, to name a few of Japanese traditional food which this restaurant provides. So, what are you waiting for, you know you deserve all those Oita delicacies!




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