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Japan is famous for its representative hot spring. And Hokkaido can be the best place to go. Among all, Jozankei onsen is listed as one of the top 10 must-visit hot springs in Hokkaido. Departing from JR Sapporo station, it can be reached by an hour-long bus ride. If you plan to stay in Sapporo for a short visit and long for an unforgettable Japanese hot spring’s experience as well, Jozankei onsen can be the best choice. 


Jozankei-onsen is a hot spring village which is proud of both the quantity and quality of hot springs. There are 56 sources of hot springs in the Jozankei spa resort. Gushing out from crannies of bedrocks in the riverbank and in the bottom of the Toyohira river, the hot spring contains sodium chloride featuring its colorless and transparency, and mild amount of salt said to be one of the most popular qualities of any of the hot springs in Japan. 


Soaking into the hot spring while enjoying the fabulous sceneries of nature, you will soon forget about the busy city life and find yourself relaxed and satisfied. For travelers who came by for a short visit, footbaths can bring you a great experience as well. Such as the hot water of longevity and health of the foot massage. Massaging soles of your feet with peddles at the bottom of the bathtub makes your body comfortable and warm. 


Apart from the hot springs, there are other popular scenic viewpoints to be found. Walking further towards the mountainous area, you can find the bright red Futami Tsubashi suspension bridge. Suspension bridge, streams and mountains constitute a beautiful Japanese Ukiyo-e, is the perfect combination of Japanese style and the great nature. 


Before leaving, don’t miss the traditional Onsen Manjū (s special sweet made of flour and red bean) and take it as the perfect souvenir to bring home. Established in 1931, Daikokuya has been dedicated in producing Onsen Manjū for more than 80 years. High quality of the material and the best sincerity towards guests make it one of the most popular stores in Jozankei-onsen. Would you like to have a bite after a relaxing bath? 


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