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The Village Surrounded by Mountains

The Beauty of Yufuin


Yufuin, located in the east of Oita, is a very beautiful district abundant in nature. It is surrounded by gigantic mountains and has many natural flowing rivers throughout the town. 

 Overlooking the town is a mountain called “Mount Yufu”. During the spring season, the entire mountain is covered in green! It is a very important symbol of Yufuin. 


JR Yufuin station is a main gateway to this city for sightseeing. That station is on “Yufu Kogen Line”.  You can directly come by express train from Hakata station in Fukuoka within two hours. Tourists come from afar just to admire its beauty. Yufuin is also known for its gorgeous rice fields that are on the outskirts of town. April is when they start to water the fields, and around May is when they start to sprout! The rice fields look as if they are straight out of a fairytale when they are watered as Mt. Yufu reflects off on the surface of watered rice fields. It makes for a great photo and it is a great place to relax.

Not too far off from Mt. Yufu is a place called “Kinrin-ko”. This lake attracts lots of tourists. When you walk along a path surrounding the lake, you will get to a resting place and a shrine. This landmark is another great place to visit if you want to sit down and enjoy the scenery.

That’s not all Yufuin has to offer! Here are some other interesting places you must see in Yufuin.



Yufuin Milch Donut & Cafe


Milch Donut and Cafe is a place only found in Yufuin. Just by their name, you can already tell what they offer. They offer delectable donuts and café. They sell some unique donuts with flavors such as Matcha (Green Tea), Apple, Chocolate and Orange, Strawberry, and many more. They even go as far as to decorating the donuts, almost as if they were a cake. In addition to the wonderful flavors, they occasionally come out with limited a time donuts. Milch also has a cafe right next door where you can finally get that coffee you’ve been wanting. They sell everything from coffee made right before your eyes to freshly squeezed orange juice. Outside is a nice seating area where one can enjoy using the cafe’s free wi-fi or have a nice chat with some friends. If you want to get a “taste of Oita”, this is the place you should visit.




Cheese, Cakes, and more Cheese


There is an interesting place located in the middle of the town called “The Cheese Factory of Yufuin”. The theme for the store is yellow because they sell everything related to cheese such as cheese cakes, cheese tarts, cheese crackers. They even have a “Kabos Cheese Cake”. "Kabosu" is a citrus, which is well-known specialty in Oita Prefecture. Every item they sell contains cheese. You can only find this store in Yufuin, and most of the products sold here are made from products of Yufuin. They are delicious and unique! You can also find some great souvenirs for family or friends. This is definitely the perfect shop for a cheese lover.




The General Store


Close by the cheese shop, you can find a shop suitable to get souvenirs. You can also find some really neat things to treat yourself. It is called “The General Store” selling various items made in Japan including cute little keychains, carefully designed dresses and many T-shirts to choose from.

Everything is at a reasonable price. Many of the products are made from very high quality material. You will find a lot of products for women. This store is great for people who want to get unique souvenirs.




Honey Jars with Bee’s inside It?


If you walk a little bit up the road, you will end up at a store that specializes in honey! This shop is called “Bee Honey” and they have the delicious honey! They sell various unique honey. Honey tastes differently in accordance with   types of nectars honey are collected from.  Bee Honey then sells honey collected from nectars of many unique flavors such as orange, blueberry and raspberry. One of their most interesting flavors is ‘Soba”. For those who don't know, soba is a type of noodle made of buckwheat. They create soba honey out of the nectar collected from the flower of buckwheat. Have you ever heard of this kind of honey?  There is another unique product. They have jars of honey with real baby bee in them!! The bee is edible and is supposedly very healthy for you. Not only do they sell honey, but also they have some very delicious soft serve ice cream.  Many of the flavors use honey as well as other products. The “Bee Honey” is a great place to go to if you love honey. 

Yufuin is a beautiful place to visit. If you visit Oita, please go to Yufuin and check it out! 



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