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Tanabe City Shopping Streets


Many streets converge as one - the dynamic central of a historic city

Tanabe City Shopping Streets is located nearby the JR Kiitanabe Station of the Kinokuni Line. Within the Tanabe City Shopping Streets, there are 8 main shopping streets, namely the Aoi Doori Shopping Street, the Ekimae Shopping Street, the Kitashinmachi Shopping Street, the Ginza Shopping Street, the Sakaemachi Shopping Street, the Benkeicho Shopping Street, the Minaton-hon Doori Shopping Street and the Miyaji Doori Shopping Street.  Tanabe City is the second largest city of the Wakayama Prefecture, and has a rich history with access to many amazing natural sceneries and hot springs.


Composed of 8 shopping streets, the Tanabe Shopping Streets offers a wide range of shops for travellers. Travellers can find everything they need with comedies from traditional Japanese confectionaries, tasty Umeshu (Plum Sake), trendy fashions to daily necessities. What’s more, travellers can also enjoy the unique townscape of Tanabe City when travelling from one street to another. There are also shrines nearby for travellers to explore if they are interested in Shinto culture of Japan.


Kishuumeshu de Kanpai–A must go duty free Shop for liquor lovers

Kishuuumeshu de Kanpai, which means “Let’s toast with Plum Sake from Kishu (another name of Wakayama area)”, is an exclusive shop selling alochol drinks made from plums and apricots. Famous for its unique sweetness and sourness, the plums in Wakayama are considered as one of the best in Japan. Not only does the shop offers a wide selection of plum-and-apricot-made alcohol drinks, they also sell home-made Umeboshi (dried plum) and plum juice as well. Unlike other plums, the plums in Wakayama are not overly sour, and leave a sweet aftertaste after chewing.  The shop also has a duty-free counter, making travellers’ shopping a less of hassle. At collective duty-free counters 5000japanese yen with tax-excluded is needed.



Hourai Sushi – How about some fresh sushi?

Hourai Sushi is a popular sushi restaurant in the area. With the freshest ingredients, the restaurant serves fresh sushi that satisfies travellers’ stomach. Hitohame, a famous seaweed that is used by the restaurant, is a type of huge seaweed that can only be found along Tanabe & Kushimoto coastal in Wakayama. 

Seafood lovers will be excited enjoying two of the signature rice bowls of the restaurant,  Soy sauce flavored sliced raw bonito (fish) and salted whitebait rice bowl as well as Cutlass fish rice bowl & Cutlass fish tempura rice bowl (two rice bowls as a set), both rice bowls are also made with fresh fish caught around Kishu coastal.



Hoshikaya Pottery – Intricate potteries from all over Japan

Looking for souvenirs to make your trip more memorable? Then you answer is here. The Hoshikaya Pottery is a pottery shop which sells a wide variety of potteries assembled from all over Japan. From intricately made tea cup to fine crafted wind chime, the shop offers a wide selection of pottery and clay made handicrafts for your perfect souvenirs. The shop also sells colourful bamboo chopsticks, which are much lighter and easier to use. If you are looking for something Japanese to gift or collect, then this is where you need to go.




Tsuji No Mochi –Traditional Japanese confectionaries with over 100 years of history

Your trip to Japan would not be completed if you have not tried the famous Wagashi (Traditional Japanese Confectionaries). With over 100 years of history, this shops sells various types of handmade Mochi (glutinous rice balls) and Dangos. Okeshimochi, the most popular Wagashi of the shop, is a type of red-bean-filled chewy rice ball that you will find not enough to have only one. The Okeshimochi has been a traditional Japanese confectionary since the Edo Period of Japan. Interestingly, the shape of the Okeshimochi resembles the hair style of the little boys of that period. Not only the history and the fine taste, the delicate skill of the rice ball’s masters is also one of reasons why the shop has been so popular.


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