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Hakodate is a city and port located in Oshima Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan. It was one of the first cities whose ports were opened to foreign trade in 1854, as a result of Convention of Kanagawa, and used to be the most important port in northern Japan. With the great sea sceneries and tasty food, Hakodate holds its hospitality for visitors from all over the world.



Here are some must-visit spots in Hakodate.

Tombolo, settled up in the year 2010, is a homemade natural yeast bakery located in the middle of the slope of Mt. Hakodate. Every morning, owner prepares fresh bread made up of wheel, salt and water which are bestowed by the great land of Hokkaido to meet up friends from all over the world. Day after day, the toil is hard but full of happiness. After times of attempts, the return to simplicity became his greatest pursuit. In the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, there is a term called the Once-in- a-lifetime encounter which tells people to treasure every meeting, for it will never recur. And as to the owner, the Once-in- a-lifetime encounter with guests is his greatest joy.



Hishii (ひし伊) was first built as a warehouse in 1905. The tea salon Hishii and antique Hishii elegance, which reaches a great balance between Western culture and Japanese culture, is now running as two stores at the same time. Step into the right hand shop, as if entering an old store in Taisho period of Japan. The room is full of traditional handicrafts and Japanese kimono. If you are obsessed with Japanese culture, it is such a paradise that you must not miss. After choosing the one and only object that you like, enter the tea room on the left hand to enjoy the cozy afternoon time. It gives you a fantastic atmosphere of old Europe while looking at the shop assistant making matcha and tasted the hand-made delicious refreshments.




After it gets dark, between the two endless stretches of coastline, there lies a city full of shining lights, like stars in our galaxy. Mt. Hakodate is the best place to enjoy the exotic view of the city. Take a three-minute trip by ropeway up the hill, and feel the colorful heartbeats of Hakodate all year round. In addition, the souvenir shop on top of Mt. Hakodate provides duty-free shopping for foreign travelers. Take your time and enjoy. 


Dear friends, why not come to this lovable city and explore more amazing stuffs while you are in Hakodate? 


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