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  Onomichi is a small town in the Seto Naikai, Hiroshima. Since ancient times to the present, there is the port of goods distribution of the town, there is also called "Seto area crossroads". On the other hands, the most fascinating place of Onomichi is that its view of the mountains and the sea, but for many foreign tourists here may be a very strange place, but there are many scenes of movies and animation shot at Onomichi before.



Onomichi Hondori Shopping Street

  From the Onomichi Station along the coastline, there is a 1.2km long shopping street “Onomichi Hondori Shopping Street”. In this shopping street, there is a wide variety of local specialty foods and goods, the shop of special little decoration, coffee shop, as well as Onomichi's the most famous things “canvas”. What's more, all of the stores on this street are antique building, really full of nostalgic atmosphere. Strolling through here will be very comfortable and relaxing!!



Neko no Hosomichi (the narrow path of cats)

 Walking along the direction of the Daiho mountain, there is a well-known path called "Neko no Hosomichi". Neko no Hosomichi is a hipster, young upslope trail leading to the Senko-ji (Senko temple). There are a lots of art galleries, art studios, and cafes. In addition to works of art and hipster stores as well as cafes, as its name implies, "Neko no Hosomichi" of course having many cats leisurely walking, lying and sunbathing. If you are a cat aficionado, you definitely can't miss here!!



Top of Daiho Mountain (Senko temple)

  The end of the “Neko no Hosomichi” is the top of the Daiho Mountain. There are one of the most famous temple in Onomichi called “Senko-ji (Senko temple)”. From the top of the mountain, we can not only overlook the very beautiful scenery of the whole Seto Naikai, but also see the simplified and honest architectural style of Onomichi City.

  Onomichi is really a tranquil place, as well as a place suitable for relaxation and

leisurely walking. Once you have the chance, be sure to come here, having a walk and take life easy. 



Setouchi Minato no Yado

photo:Tetsuya Ito / by courtesy of DISCOVERLINK Setouchi



At last, I would like to introduce the “Setouchi Minato no Yado” which are regenerated an old private house consisting of two buildings. The “Shimazui Manor” is built in the early Showa and the mansion’s architecture has a Western influence. The “Izumo House” is a trading stronghold of the official of Izumo Matsudaira in the Edo period. These two historical buildings have been renovated and are provided as an accommodation facility, now. The outward appearance has left the appearance of the time, living inside as if back to the construction year, and you can savor and enjoy leisurely. Living and staying in these spaces seem like leaving the era, and we just want to provide a space where you can feel Yado and Japanese culture deeply.