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Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum (白鶴酒造資料館)

Tasty brewery with a tradition – Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum


Hakutsuru Brand is a famous Japanese brand established in 1743. With a long history, the several breweries under the brand’s name has been producing tasty sake (Japanese wine)for a long time. Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum was built in early Taisho period (around 1910) and operated as the Hakutsuru’s HQ’s main brewery warehouse until March 1969,after which it was converted into a museum. The museum is located in the Nada District of Kobe City. Nada district has high-quality natural spring water and cold winters, two of the crucial elements for brewing good sake. For visitors coming by train from either Osaka or Kobe, the museum is within 5 minutes walking distance from Hanshin Sumiyoshi Station, 15 minutes walking distance from JR Sumiyoshi station as well as 25 minutes walking distance from Hankyuu Mikage Station.



Take a tour through the museum to learn about the brewing process of Sake.


The museum has taken effort to preserve the interior of the brewery as close as to how it was like when it was still functioning. Once you step into the museum, you will see numerous okes (Japanese wooden barrels) of various sizes. From normal sizes to enormous ones, these are all items that were used in the production of sake. The museum provides a guided tour on the sake production processes (requires prior booking) in Japanese. However, fret not if you do not speak Japanese, for they also have explanations about the various processes in English. Just scan the QR codes that can be found in the exhibits in the museum, and you will be able to access the explanations in 19 different languages! (English is within one of the nineteen, of course)



As you walk through the museum, you will be able to see the fascinating displays of the old tools used throughout the company’s history. With realistic mannequins employed at some of the exhibits, one would be able to get a clearer picture on how the brewing processes are like. From the process of Senmai (rice washing) to Taruzume (Barreling), each step is explained with careful details. The staffs also shared with us how the processes has evolved through time. It was definitely a very interesting and fruitful tour.





Visit the tax free store and try the free sake tasting!

When you are done with the tour of the museum, you can visit the museum’s

sake shop. The museum’s sake shop sells a wide range of Japanese wine,

ranging from sake to umeshu (plum wine). Not only do they sell alcohol, they

also sell cosmetic products made from fermented rice and snacks to go with

alcohols. This place also provides tax-free services, so if you are keen to get a

bottle of Japanese wine as a token of your visit to the place, feel free to visit the

shop. However, please note that this service is currently in the trial phase and

changes may apply. This place also provides sampling services of some of their

products, so you can try for yourself to see how the Japanese wines differ from

the wine in your country.



For all alcohol lovers, this place is a must go if you happen to be in the Kansai area!


Visit Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum’s Japanese Site here: