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Ioujima is an island within Nagasaki City and connected to Kyushu mainland by a bridge. Although it may not be the first choice of people travelling in Nagasaki within a few days, it is a wonderful place for holiday throughout the whole year for both local people and tourists. 



There are ways to travel to Ioujima beside driving, that are ferry, bus of Nagasaki or the shuttle bus of Nagasaki Onsen Yasuragi Ioujima Resort Hotel. The shuttle bus is available free of charge if you purchase a 2000-yen cash coupon of the hotel. Therefore, if you are going for the hot spring or barbeque or any other facilities at the hotel, it would be nice to take it, but remember to make reservation of it since there is a chance that could be full especially on weekends.

Yasuragi Iouzima Hotel HP (English) : http://www.ioujima.jp/en/access/





Since Ioujima is an island which is a bit far away from the mainland, there are not many restaurants. However, the resort hotel provides various dining experiences. There are 3 restaurants running by the resort, Family Dining Uraraka, Olive De Olive and Amimoto Shokudo. Barbeque plan beside the beach is also available in summer if restaurant is too boring for you. If you join the one-day package, which include a lunch buffet and hot spring, the buffet is at Olive De Olive.

For Family Dining Uraraka, it has a fabulous dining atmosphere and outstanding view of the sea.


At Family Dining Uraraka, it provides both Western and Japanese cuisine. Steaks, sushi, sashimi, curry rice, etc. are all available here. If you want to try both the steak and sashimi, the following set perfectly fits. It contains Japanese steak and sashimi rice in a set with a small size of both. The steak comes at a hot plate allows a fresh taste of juicy beef. The sashimi rice is a full combo of fresh sashimi with a right amount of rice.





There is a free shuttle bus to the beach offered by the hotel. The beach is fantastic with smooth sand and clear water. In summer, barbeque is available here and it is a really good time for family or friends to have fun.




Onsen and Relaxation

There are two hot spring provided here, which are “YUYU” and “SHIMAKADE NO YU”. “SHIMAKADE NO YU” is suitable for a group of friends or family since it provides private saunas and family baths with TV and superb view. It is an individual building with a 3-minute walk from the hotel main building. “YUYU” is on the first floor of the main building and it is famous of its open-air bath and variety of baths like Cypress bath and Charcoal bath. A special one for foreigners is the lying bath. It is quite comfortable when you lie on a plain rock and the hot spring is flowing through your back. You can surely be rejuvenated from the tiring daily life after the hot spring.





There are two shops with souvenirs sold, one is on the first floor of main building, and the other is on the first floor of Umi no Mieru Hotel, where Olive De Olive is located on the second floor. There are plenty of souvenirs like accessories and snacks, but the bathing goods are also popular because it is a resort of hot spring.


Rental bikes are available on Ioujima, which allows a beautiful island views of Ioujima. There are still many other wonderful spots to discover in Ioujima, come and check it out!