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Onomichi 尾道

Quaint town overlooking the Seto Inland Sea – Onomichi

Onomichi is a town located along the Seto Inland Sea in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture.  The town extends from the mainland across to some of the islands nearby.  They are connected by the bridges of the Shimanami Kaido (Shimanami Sea Strait). There are plenty of ferries and boats operating near the mainland part of Onomichi, adding a nostalgic atmosphere to the city. If you are feeling sporty, you can rent a bicycle and cycle across the beautiful Shimanami Kaido to the Ehime Prefecture of the Shikoku Region.Gateway to Onomichi are JR Onomichi station and JR Shin-onomichi station by land.It takes 3hours 40min from Tokyo station by shinkansen. And from Hiroshima station to Onomichi station by train it takes around 50 min via JR Fukuyama station. You can also arrive at Onomichi city from Hiroshima airport very easily.



The traditional shop houses of Onomichi

Being an ancient port town, the locals had made an effort to preserve the traditional designs of the shop houses in Onomichi. A wide varieties of goods are sold in the shopping streets. From traditional Japanese Clothing to children toys, you are bound to find the good that you are looking for in the shops here. Also, if you are fan of Ramen, be sure to try the famous Onomichi Ramen! 




Paint your own sailcloth canvas - Kobou Onomichi Honuno (工房尾道帆布)

One of the specialty goods of Onomichi is the sailcloth canvas. As Onomichi is a port town, the town has a long history of making sailcloth with canvas. If you walk along the streets in Onomichi, you can spot many shops selling exquisitely made canvas products. Some of the shops even allow you to try to paint these canvases yourself. One of that would be the Kobou Onomichi Honuno, a shop located in one the shopping streets. 


At Kobou Onomichi Honuno, they sell a wide variety of canvas goods at reasonable price. For those who are keen on trying canvas painting, you can sign up for the shop’s canvas painting workshop. For 500 yen, you get to paint two pieces of canvases using moulds provided by the shop. Even if you are a beginner, you do not have to worry because there would be a staff present during the workshop to guide you. The canvas that you have painted can be brought home, so if you are looking for a memorable souvenir for your trip to Onomichi, why not sign up for the workshop? 





The old Japanese houses“KOMINKA”in Onomichi

The old Japanese houses“KOMINKA”in Onomichi is also worth a visit. Preserving the looks of the traditional Japanese style houses,  many of the houses are transformed into guest houses and restaurants.  If you are looking to visit an authentic Japanese style house, why not try it here in Onomichi?




Cats are adorable, aren’t they – Neko no Hosomichi (猫の細道)

Another famous attraction in Onomichi would be Neko no Hoshomichi (the narrow path of cats).  Neko no Hosomichi is an upslope trail leading to the senkouji (Senkou temple). As the name suggests, it is a narrow trail inhabited with cats.  As you ascend up the trail, you will spot cat dolls and statues lined up along the side of the path, charming you with their cuteness. If the weather is good, you will spot many cats sunbathing or playing hide and seek with each other. Their adorable faces will definitely melt your heart! For all feline lovers, this place is definitely a must go! 


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