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Beppu: The Wonderland of Hot Springs

The “Onsen-Ken”


 Oita is a beautiful prefecture blessed with nature, delicious food and some out of this world views of the countryside. But there is one thing that makes Oita stand out from many of the other prefectures. It has the most amount of Natural Hot Springs in the whole entire country! This is one of the reasons why it is called “onsen-ken” which means “Hot Spring Prefecture”. Oita airport is 1 hour 25 min from Haneda airport by air plane and Osaka airport to Oita airport which is around 50 mins. And It takes 1 hour Oita airport to central city of Beppu by bus. Oita station is an hour from Hakata station by train. We are going to introduce the unique hot spring in this article.



Myoban Hot Spring


The Myoban Hot springs are a collection of many different springs in the mountains of Beppu. They have a variety of family baths as well as baths open to the public. Family baths are private baths specialized for families or friends. Myoban’s Family baths are in little quaint huts made out of straw. These are very personalized Hot Springs because you can enjoy relaxing with family or even friends. Myoban also has an outdoor bath with a superb view of the city. It is surrounded by mountains which makes for an incredibly relaxing atmosphere. After you’ve bathed in Myoban’s hot spring, there is a resting area right outside were they sell “Onsen Tamago”. It is a egg boiled in the Hot Spring water! It is delicious and relatively cheap. 




Hyotan Hot Spring


This hot spring is located in a place called “Kannawa Onsen” which also has a different set of onsen. Hyotan Hot Springs is one of the most popular Hot Spring in Oita. This hot spring is different from many others because it has a variety of distinct hot springs unique to Hyotan. For example, outdoor hot spring where you can enjoy the view, the one where you can wash your body while enjoying the hot spring and private hot spring. In addition, they also have two types of sauna (a very hot and a warm one), a waterfall hot spring, and a sand bath! They provide food, drinks and even “Onsen Tamago”. This is the place to go if you like variety.




Takegawara Hot Spring


Last but not least we have Takegawara Hot Spring. This is the local’s favourite Hot Springs in Beppu. The classic olden time style of the hot spring represents all of hot spring in Beppu. This hot spring is very unique as it has a traditional bath house and a sand bath. This is the must-go hot springs that you don’t want to miss out!