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Explore Beppu!

A place that look like hell, where you can see the steam coming out from the ground and the smell of sulphur filling the air. Beppu is a town located 15 minutes train ride away  from Oita City. It has been prided itself on being the city of Onsen (hot spring bath) with hundreds of them scattered around the town. Since a world of fascinating stuffs are waiting to be explored. A lot of interesting things to see and experience worth a try!


Outdoor bath in Kitahama Onsen (Termas Spa)

 Ever imagine soaking in a hot bath while having sea and mountain as your view? Imagine no more, since Kitahama Onsen in downtown Beppu offers just those heavenly experience! It is a must-try for those Onsen first-timers!




Stroll along Matogahama Beach

Located just beside Kitahama Onsen, you can take a stroll and enjoy ocean view in Matogahama Beach. Every summer and Christmas, Matogahama Beach is unusually packed with people and food stands since those are the time for festivals and fireworks! If you visit Beppu in the end of July or in Christmas, Beppu festival is something worth a visit.







Dine in Steam of Hell

 Jigoku mushi or literally translated ‘Steam of Hell’ is a restaurant where you can steam your own food into Beppu’s infamous natural steam. The restaurant is located in Kannawa area, just a 10 minutes walk from Sea of Hell (Umi Jigoku) tourist attraction or about 20 minutes bus ride from Beppu Station. Jigoku Mushi offers vegetables and seafood as their staple menu. The fun part is when you put your ordered uncooked food into a wooden rectangle where steam coming out of it. Give it a few minutes for all those natural steam to cook your food, and then you can enjoy your steamed food with varieties of sauce. 




Kannawa Information Desk 

Kannawa area seems like the place where most tourist flock into, since places which offer’ are mostly located here. Kannawa has a resourceful Information Desk located just beside Kannawa bus stop. Easy way to navigate your adventure around Beppu!



Sand bath in Takegawara Onsen

Take your onsen experience up to the next level with sand bath! Takegawara onsen is an authentic Japanese bath house inside a huge wooden traditional house. Warm and homey atmosphere welcomes you inside the building, where decorations showing history of Takegawara Onsen from time to time being displayed. The place, which seems a bit worn down, shows the legacy of Beppu bath house since the old time. You can enjoy both hot bath as well as sand bath for different prices. Sand bath in Takegawara Onsen is surely a wonderful experience, one you wouldn’t want to miss!


Finally access information that Oita airport is 1 hour 25 min from Haneda airport by air plane and Osaka airport to Oita airport which is around 50min. And It takes 1 hour Oita airport to central city of Beppu by buss. Oita station is a hour from Hakata station by train. 


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