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Make use of the tax exemption program!

What you need to do to enjoy tax-free shopping? On this page we will explain step by step how to use the tax exemption program when shopping in Japan. Make sure that you understand the system and what you need to do to enjoy the benefits of it.

  • 1

    Look for this sign.

    Tax-free stores will have this sign.
  • 2

    Go to the tax-free counter.

    Bring the items you need to file a tax exemption application for, such as the purchased items and receipts, to the tax-free counter or cash register of the tax-free store.

    Required items
    ●The purchased items
    ●The receipts (handwritten receipts are not accepted)
    ●Your own passport (with valid entry stamp) or cruise ship tourist permit
    * In addition to the above, you must bring your credit card if you used it for the purchases.
  • 3

    Sign the "Covenant of Purchaser."

    Read the contents of the covenant thoroughly and sign it.

    Receive a refund of the difference of what you actually paid.

    The consumption tax collected at the time of purchase will be refunded on the spot.

    * A charge may be levied depending on the store.

    Receive your items.

    Your purchased items are handed to you in a special bag. Please keep the items in the bag until you leave Japan.

  • 4

    Go through the proper procedures at the airport.

    Submit the Record of Purchase attached to your passport to customs when leaving the country.

    Note that liquids cannot be taken onto the airplane.

Caution    |    About quarantine
Livestock products such as meat, marine products, and agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits must undergo an export inspection at the animal quarantine offi ce and plant protection station when being taken out of Japan. They will be confi scated when you exit the country if they have not undergone export inspections in Japan. There are some countries and regions that forbid the import of food products by law, so please make sure to confi rm the regulations of your home country or your next destination.